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Welcome to April's press room

This room is dedicated to journalists, media, analysts or professionals in charge of news websites.

Here you will find our press kit, our press releases, the ways to quickly contact us and the subscription to our mailing list (in order to receive our press releases).

April in a few words

In one sentence: April is a major actor in promoting and defending free software.

Press kit

Download the press kit in pdf file..

Download the file for 10th anniversary of the organization on November 21, 2006.

Download also the 2006 synthetic yearly report (pdf file).


April logo in different formats.

Press releases

Here are the last press releases published by April:

To be included in the press releases broadcast list, contact contactez nous.

Short audio interviews

Several short interviews (less than two minutes each) with Benoît Sibaud, President of April from 2005 to 2010 (realized in 2005 by Fabrice Lourie from the Cité des sciences et de l'Industrie).

April news

Here are the last news of April.

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Some free software partners or actors accepted to bear witness to April's importance.

Contact us

Since 1996, April members answer to a great number of interviews for the paper (Libération, Le Monde, Les Échos, Nouvel Obs, etc) and online media (ZDNet, Journal du Net, PC INpact, etc) as well as for radio (Radio France, RFI, BFM, etc) and TV stations (France 2, France 3, LCI, iTélé, Arte).

To contact us quickly, here are the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of the main April stakeholders. You will find below some details on their respective areas of expertise. In case of doubt, please contact the General Delegate who will guide you to the right person. For any question in the business area, April's firm members can also be consulted. Don't hesitate to contact the General Delegate for further details.

By clicking on the pictures, you will obtain a picture in a higher resolution.

Tangui Morlier

Tangui Morlier, President.


Expertise: Free Software and companies.

Benoit Sibaud

Benoît Sibaud, Vice-President (Mini Resume).

Email : Tel. : +33 681 181 130.

Frederic Couchet

Frédéric Couchet, Executive Director (Mini Resume).

Email: Tel. : +33 660 688 931

Jeanne Tadeusz

Jeanne Tadeusz, Public Affairs Officer.

Email: Tel. : +33 178 769 280

Expertise: institutional, legal and regulatory issues.

Jérémy Monnet

Jérémy Monnet, Volunteer Advisor

Email: Tel : +33 624 872 919.

Expertise: Bundled selling computer/software.

Gérald Sédrati-Dinet

Gérald Sédrati-Dinet, Volunteer Advisor


Expertise: patentability.

Loïc Dachary

Loïc Dachary, Honorary Member and Volunteer Advisor (Resume).

Email: Tel: +33 176 607 281.

Expertise: GNU Project, Free Software licenses, software development.