Savecodeshare : a Campaign to Protect Collaborative Software Development Platforms and Free Software Communities

The FSFE (Free Software Foundation Europe) and the OFE (Open Forum Europe) have launched the Savecodeshare campaign to raise awareness of the risks the current Copyright reform poses to free software and developper communities.

A reform of the Copyright directive is currently being discussed in the European Parliament. Based on a proposal from the European Commission, this draft legislation is widelly critized, even by some member states, for its attacks on fundamental rights.

In particular, article 13 and the recital (38) are new attacks by copyright lobbies on the principle of the irresponsability by default of technical intermediaries. Notably, the directive would impose service providers – "that store and provide to the public access to large amounts of works or other subject-matter uploaded by their users" – to proactively implement automated filters.

The FSFE and the OFE have launched the savecodeshare campaign to oppose this article, because they are troubled by its potential effects on the collaborative software development platforms, and thereby on free software and developper communities. In order to raise awareness of the stakes, the two associations have drafted a White paper (PDF format), available on the campaign Web site:

To keep up to date on the Copyright reform that is currently underway, you can follow the Savethelink and the FixCopyright campaigns, among whose supporters is Euro MP Julia Reda. La Quadrature du Net— a French nonprofit association that defends the rights and freedom of citizens on the Internet — is also very active on this issue.