International Day Against DRM, Friday December 4th, 2020


Friday December 4th, 2020, is the international day against DRM, or IDAD, organized by the Free Software Foundation through its Defective by Design campaign.

The 2020 IDAD will focus on streaming services' unjust use of DRM. The Free Software Foundation calls on it's supporters to challenge themselves to go a day (or even longer!) without DRM, and to share the experience on social media with the hashtag #IDAD or #DayAgainstDRM.

More details on the Defective by Design website

Turn off Netflix and use that time to read a book… Wait! There also are DRMs in books!? For the 2015 IDAD April published a video on the issue of e-books and DRM (The video is in French with English sub-titles and transcript).

Subtitles available in English (SRT format).