Education : Pullco is mobilizing against the distribution of iPads to the Corrèze department's middle-school students

PULLCO (an association for the promotion of the use of Free Software in Corrèze) is mobilizing against the Corrèze General Council's decision to once again distribute iPads to the department's middle-school students.

Though the General Council had decided in 2008 to distribute computers with free operating systems, it went back on its decision in 2010, in favor of iPads, which it opted for again in 2013. The association has therefore written an open letter to the president of the General Council to denounce this erosion of freedoms.

April congratulates Pullco for its work on behalf of education and Free Software, and hopes that the General Council will reverse its decision to provide iPads, and will commit once more to promoting Free Software and freedoms in the digital age in middle schools.