Associations such as April are more than ever necessary

Martine Billard's photo Testimony for April's 10th birthday in 2006.

2006 has seen the voting of the "iPod law" on copyright in the information society (DADVSI), after several anti-democratic assaults from the government onto the Parliament. This law leaves only crumbs for culture and organizes repression against Internet users and Free Software users. It blows to smithereens the idea of interoperability and open formats, and hands the new vectors of culture and knowledge to multinational computing and audiovisual corporations. In such a context of extreme merchandising of digital culture, associations such as April are more than ever necessary, as much for the Free Software domain as for the democratic access to new forms of culture. Your battle is mine too.

— Martine Billard_
, one of Paris' representative at the National Assembly (Les Verts Green political party) (september 2006).