April joins the advisory board of KDE

April announces that the association is joining the KDE Advisory Board.

A KDE Advisory Board has been formed by KDE e.V., to provide "a space for organizations to support KDE e.V. by giving feedback on KDE's activities and decisions. Furthermore, it is a channel to facilitate communication between KDE and the organisations on the Advisory Board". Its initial members are the Free Software Foundation, April, Canonical, Blue Systems, the Open Source Initiative, FOSS Nigeria, FSF Europe, SUSE, The Document Foundation, and LiMux project.

"Every free software project is essential for enabling users to keep control on their digital life. The KDE community offers a free desktop environment with a deep commitment to user freedoms and privacy. April shares this vision and welcomes this cooperation between the two entities, to promote more and more computer user freedoms." says Frédéric Couchet, executive director of April.

More information about KDE and the KDE advisory board can be found on the KDE web site and in the KDE advisory board announcement.

About April:

April is the main French advocacy association promoting and defending Free Software in France and Europe since 1996. April brings together several thousand individual members and a few hundred organisations (businesses, nonprofits, local governments, and educational institutions).

Through the work of its volunteers and permanent staff, April is able to carry out a number of different campaigns to defend the freedoms of computer users. You can join April, or support it, by making a donation.